[July 30, 2012] Welcome to iambrucehan.com version 2. Hopefully this version will be more up-to-date than my previous version of this site. The font I used on the top and left is called Champagne & Limousines designed by Lauren Thompson aka Nymphont. The photograph on the background was taken by me at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

[July 17, 2010] I finally found a gallery solution for my site. I would like to give credit the folks at flogr for their incredible work. I'm still working on integrating the gallery with the rest of the site so stay tuned!

[January 5, 2010] Welcome to the first installment of www.iambrucehan.com. As you may notice, the site seems very bare at the moment. This is because I'm still uncertain as to where I would like to go with this site. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell me. My contact information can be found under contacts. Thanks for looking!